Alive at the Drive – our monthly “spiritual experience” event!

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A Spiritual experience!

The great hand over!
where we can write down our fears and anxieties and place them in the hands of God

Once a month we have been holding a different type of gathering at “The Drive” pub. Rather than calling it a service we call it “A spiritual experience”. There is no preach or lengthy worship time. It is a complete “All senses” interactive event – a great thing to being visitors to!

It is a chance to explore a particular theme through creativity, discussion and reflection. People are encouraged to ask the big questions and share thoughts. So far we have had 3 and been very encouraged! The themes so far have been:

1/ “To be known is to be loved, and to be loved is to be known”

2/ “Fathers day”

3/ Faith, fear and the future

The feedback so far has been very positive! Our experience so far has been that we are able to tackle some quite “tricky / sensitive” subjects as people can engage as deeply or lightly as they choose. Also that people are learning through sharing and discussing – hearing other

s view points! Also, having a number of interactive stations means there is mor e opportunity to explore a theme. Please see the photos below following our latest event.


Gathered  in the pub for Alive at the Drive!

A game about trust

Why do people consult mediums / have their tarot cards read? Want to know the future? Are we afraid? This was a tent to discuss these things!

We have lots of big ideas for this monthly event and feel excited about the possibilities! Please pray for us as we plan, prepare and launch into this next season of ALIVE AT THE DRIVE!

If you would like more information about these monthly events please contact us through the web site.

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