Night light! An alternative event for halloween!

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Fire in washing machine drums, sky lanterns and marshmallows… Must be halloween!

On the 31st October (Halloween) our estate is probably the same as any other place in the Western world! Hoardes of young people (age range from babes in arms to huge teenagers!) dressed up in all manner of

scary, freaky and funny costumes out for a night of trick or treating.

So what can a church do? We have a few options which basically boil down to: 1/ Nothing! 2/ Hide! 3/ Hold a prayer meeting! 4/ Hold an alternative event!

This was a GIANT pumpkin with “GOD LOVES U” carved into it which sat on the front wall!

Last year we decided to hold an alternative event called “Night light”. Not in a church building or hall but in our drive way at the front of our house. We wanted to find a way to engage with the people in the community, enable our church youth to participate in a positive activity, keep an eye on some of the houses with vulnerable occupants, and tell folks in a non heavy way about Jesus – the Light of the world!

We decided to have a much light as possible, so there were lazers, sky lanterns, candles, a big fire blazing in a washing machine drum (it was safe, well quite…!), chairs for people to sit and chat, music, and lots of folks from OTCC serving hot chocolate (with squirty cream and marsh mallows – yum!). We had also designed a simple card with a message on it about Jesus being the light of the world (playing on the words trick or treat – can’t remember exactly now!).

We had over 90 people from the local area stop by and talk with us – it was really fun and a fantastic way to bring a spark of light to what is normally a very dark night!

Please see a couple of photos below:

Launching sky lanterns

It got quite busy at times!

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