The next bit of the story!!!

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August 2011

Hello again,

We are waiting for the first sounds of the red arrows to scream over the house – yes – it is Eastbourne Airbourne!

It has been a very long time since we have published a blog – this isn’t because we have stopped recording what is happening – we have been sending out news updates to friends and supporters but were unable to access our blog site! However, OTCC now has it’s own blog spot so we are now able to inundate you with updates, testimonies, info, and will include in this our own story of how things are developing here.

We will do the latest update at the very end – so you will have to read through all of them if you want to see these past 3 months activity :0) (or you can cheat and skip through!)


Rather than try and do one very long blog to catch you up on the last year and a bit, I have used sections from our news letters (dated so you can follow the time frame).

Happy reading, we hope you find it interesting!


With much love,


Emma, Glyn, Sam & Carys

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