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The danger of not blogging regularly is that too much happens and important and exciting things get forgotten and lost! So before the events of the past couple of months disappear these next few blogs are the highlights…

24/7 As you may remember, back in the summer OTCC held it’s first 24/7 prayer week. Just to reiterate – there is nothing “magical” about praying like this. It isn’t a “formula” or method – it could just as easily be a 23/6 and have the same impact! It is more a helpful tool. There is something significant about these focused, united, prolonged times of prayer. There is a sense of rhythm that develops, a momentum that builds and draws people in and onwards. It is not praying for the sake of praying itself – but about relationship, connecting, and rooting in to the river of life.

I love seeing the steady flow of people using the prayer shed. My heart gives a special little leap when someone comes for the first time and then wants to come back. I love seeing families going in together to pray, married couples, groups of friends and little kids. I love seeing people off the estate who have never prayed before venturing in to the shed and feeling “at home”.

So was anything different about this time to last time? It is clear that this time was about “going deeper”, real seeking, deep confessing, deep intercession. The Holy Spirit was doing “business”.

I love knowing people go in with questions and often come out  feeling they have met with Jesus – even if they may not get the answer to their question, they have a sense of peace and certainty that He is on the case. I love hearing stories of how God has miraculously answered some people’s prayer immediately. (One example would be a very new Christian who prayed about her very tough economic situation and received immediate encouragement from God.

I love that people are able to pour out their hearts and seek Him – daring to ask the hard questions, express the raw pain and frustrations.

Hearing that people are giving their lives to Jesus in the humble prayer shed is amazing.

So what is so special about the prayer shed? Not much really! It is just a room at the end of the garden, joined to our chicken run! I think one thing that may make it special is that it is a room empty of daily distractions. There is no TV, no mobile phone reception (unless you get a text from God that is!), no interruptions or expectations. You can be quiet / noisy / creative / still /  speak / sing / experiment. You and God, nothing more, nothing less. A sacred space to just “BE”. Seek, surrender, savour…

Finally, one noticeable thing is that when we do these weeks our relentlessly busy phone is not receiving the usual crisis calls. Maybe because people are bringing these things directly to God and finding Him in the middle of the crisis? Whatever the reason – it is noticeable!

Happy praying and every blessing!


Our 24/7 Prayer Week Video


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