Spiritual Networking

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As OTCC, with Glyn and Emma’s encouragement, we have been getting more into prayer, experimenting with places and different ways of talking to and hearing from God, both individually, as couples and in groups. And getting excited at how God is bringing changes in us, in our relationships, and in the lives of others.

In Matthew 18:20 we read Jesus’ promise to be with us in a special way when 2 or 3 of us come together to pray in His Name. In these days of Skype and telephone conferencing, social networking and a mobile phone never far from the ear of a large proportion of the population , distance need not preclude us from “coming together” at all hours.

But it’s seemed to me, that as some of us have been using Em’s Rhythm of Prayer booklets, there’s been a special dimension of “coming together” as we’ve been using the same shape of prayer, dipping in and dipping out; a new sense of Jesus “with us”, and power released as we’re agreed in prayer in His Name.

Jo and I have been feeling a bit cut-off and out on a limb over here at Bexhill, but this has given us a sense of togetherness, knowing we are praying alongside each other. Most of us know something of the pain of rejection, of feeling “outside”, “unchosen”, “other than” or just plain different. Or maybe we are deliberately, if only for a season, distancing ourselves because we can’t cope with the physical nearness of others. But this joining together in a framework of prayer can give us a new sense of belonging, of “we” not just “I” alone, a closing of the distance gap whether that be physical or emotional.

How about it? If you haven’t done so already, why not ask Emma for a booklet (or download it here: http://otcc.org.uk/resources/), and give it a try?

Luv Susie

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