OTCC Psalm 1

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A few weeks ago we asked people to write their own Psalms and bring them to share on a Sunday morning. We’ve typed some up and will put them here in the next few posts. If you brought one and would like it placed here for others to read please email it to Stephen.

So here’s the first one:

O Lord, my God, You are amazing!
The beginning and the end – yet also fully present in the middle!
You are beyond our comprehension – vast!
Huger than the universe, yet you are in here, in the middle of my small life.
You create us and you journey with us,
Not only concerned with the big worldly matters
but tweaking and fine-tuning our character to mirror your own.
Ever present – ever good – ever loving –
Ever in the middle of every situation.

O Lord my God, You are amazing!
Your ways are not my ways
My ways are short cuts, pain-free, cost effective, maximum comfort!
Your way is the scenic route,
The mountain pass with soaring heights and deep ruts and dark valleys.
Welcome to the upside-down kingdom!

O Lord, my God,
You welcome us into a topsy-turvy, higgledy-piggledy place
Where the last are first, the poor are rich, the weak are strong;
Where power comes from humility and surrender
This darkest place,
Where in the middle of our darkest valleys,
Our darkest hour,
We find you ahead of us with a banquet table laid out to feast.
Seated alongside are the fearful, the wounded, the lost, the unloved –
All with their eyes fixed on you
Because you are the light in the darkness.

O Lord, my God, You are amazing!
You are here in the middle of us,
In the centre of all things
And I worship you.


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