OTCC Psalm 2

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Why, Lord do you wait
Why do you let our enemies seem triumphant
Why, do you save your words of power for yet another day
While my tears flow and my heart ache?
What must I do to change your mind? What more can I say?
What praises have we not already uttered in song and speech?
What day has passed that I didn’t called on you,
Declared my dependence on you?

You say you are the Father to the fatherless
You have proven in the past that your compassion is great
And your mercies are new every morning, I read this every day
I know if I feel compassion or long for justice
That it only comes from You.
But what I do not understand is how,
If your compassion is this intense, this full,
How is it that you do not move this mountain now?
How can a heart this passionate and this ready to rescue my friends
Not act now?

But I trust in you, my God.
For nothing good is in me unless it comes from you.
And my longing for my friends is good and right.
I am finite, lacking in every way. Powerless to change their circumstances
Except for you.
I surrender and trust though I can not understand,
Though I do not see your hand coming to save.

So come, Lord Jesus, speak your words of comfort while I wait
Care for my friends, speak to their heart. Convince them that they are not alone.
And when you choose to show your victory
I will lift a banner up in your name
Saying, “My God did this! He rescued. He saved.”
I will bless my friends in your name
And they will love you. They will serve you.
They will know you rescued, they will know you delight in them.
They will hear every day, “God is mighty to save!”

You have heard me, but I will say it again everyday
Until I see the victory with my own eyes.
Move, Lord Jesus, in your compassion, by your power,
Rescue my friends
Rescue them, today.

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