OTCC Psalm 3

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You are my God and King,
And I put my trust in You.
O Lord, You know me through and through.
Lord, help me to be the person You created me to be,
To find the destiny You have laid out for me.

You knew who I was meant to be,
Even as I was being knit together in my mother’s womb.
Now Lord, there are so many labels stuck all over me!
Daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, confidante and friend:
All these I am and have become!
Labels I am glad to wear.

There are others I have picked up along the way,
As I have travelled life’s pathways.
Lord, You have taken me all over the place,
And I have done so many things,
That I am really wondering who I am meant to be!
Are they masking the person You created me to be?

Lord, You know my heart; how I long to be FREE
To soar in Your Presence, on wings like an eagle,
Up, up and away over the storm clouds,
Those storm clouds representing so many things…
More labels: anger, grief, resentment and jealousy.
Lord, You are so gracious, loving me as You do,
With all my faults and insecurities.
Somewhere in the midst of all this, is the person You created me to be.

Most of my labels will remain, Lord,
Because they are
what I am;
But You, O Lord, You know
who I am.
You have my name printed on Your hand;
You love me with Your unconditional love;
You died for me, and in that knowledge I can be FREE –
FREE to run, FREE to walk, FREE to dance,
FREE to live in You,
FREE to be the person You created me to be.

You, You are my destiny, O Lord,
Your Holy Spirit living in me,
And I will praise You unreservedly.

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