Just maybe……..

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We’re 2 weeks into 2012 already, and probably many a new year resolution has gone the way of previous years before them! This morning at Alive @ The Drive, Erik got us thinking again about such things, and changes needed in our lifestyles through 5 interactive stations “you, God and 2012 sacred space”. And then Graham sent us off with Ps.65:11“The Lord crowns the year with His bounty”, and a Bounty bar!

I was sorting through some papers this week, and found THE WOOLGAR MISSION STATEMENT that John W had written, and by which he sought to live his life: we read it out at his funeral about 3 years ago. He used the letters of his surname as an acrostic, and then wrote simple statements of intent, beginning with each letter of his name. I suddenly felt impelled there and then to do the same for myself, praying that with the Lord’s strength I would be able to live out what I had written! Here’s what I wrote – I wondered if you too might like to join me in doing one for yourself?

Marching to HIS drumbeat, not my own, or anyone else’s

Always – praying always, loving always, full of grace and mercy always

Restored and reconciled completely with my Heavenly Dad

Resting in Him completely; learning what Sabbath Rest really is – and isn’t

Intimacy – consciously seeking ways to deepen my relationship with Him and others

Openness and vulnerability with Him and others

Trusting Him completely – at all times – for all things

Truth in my innermost, innermost parts


Tall order? Yes! But somehow it seems more close-up, and real, and especially me and Him, than many of the resolutions I’ve made in the past, more of a possible growing into, and not a “I musn’t fail at any cost”, and just maybe……..

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