Mother Hen Love

Published August 24, 2012 by SusieM in Uncategorized

Recently, I seem to have shared the heart sorrow of a lot of mothers, who are aching about their grown-up children in one way or another.  It’s hard isn’t it when the days are long past where kissing to make it better, rubbing in some arnica, Mummy’s special bump cream, putting on a  plaster (I bought some for Jo the other day in the shape of red kissing lips!) or singing a special song did the trick!  And it’s especially hard when oceans and continents separate us from our struggling loved ones, and they’re too far away to even hug – in our family, we’ve just said goodbye to an emotionally frail 22yr old grandson who has left the UK for 5 years to do his MA and PhD at a university in America, and none of us quite knows how that’ll be for him, or for any of us!  The feelings of helplessness at being unable to keep them safe or protect them from harm, or to bathe their wounds in any way are very hard aren’t they?

I read afresh Lk.13:34 today, and understood that Jesus, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering, well understands the anguish and ache of wanting, like a mother hen to protectively gather chicks safely under her wings, away from harm;  or to corral maybe wayward older children at risk from making possible destructive choices, or to clear up the messes they’ve already made.  Hear the sadness in Jesus’ voice as he says of the children of Jerusalem “…but you were not willing”.   In ch.19:41 we’re told Jesus wept over the unwillingness of Jerusalem to believe in Him.

So if you’re anxious or hurting over someone today, whether they’re natural or church family, and you’re feeling frustratingly powerless, there is someone you can weep with, and pour out your heart to, knowing that He really does understand that ache deep in the guts, and obsessive turmoil of mind that won’t still itself.  And like King David in Psalms 57:1 and 61:4, if it all gets too much, and you just need some extra-special heavenly duvet time, you can run pell-mell yourself, and take refuge and comfort under the soft down of His protective wings.

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  1. iedidah
    August 25, 2012

    They get to 18, we push them gently out of the nest and think that’s it, but after all those years of thinking our parenting skills are less than perfect, we find them turning back to us for support. As Susie says we want to find a quick fix for their pain, but instead we discover our vocation to simply be available, either as a saint (Mum thanks for being there when things got tough) or sinner (Mum its all your fault that things are going wrong).