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I was reading a book by Jeff Lucas this morning, and he was wondering why, today, people have such high expectations in marriage, and other relationships, and at the whiff of a disappointment or upset, move on to another, continually searching for perfection, never quite finding what we’re looking for. And then he remarks that as Christians, we often have the same expectations with church: one disappointment and we’re off to search for the next. But of course there is absolutely no perfect church, any more than there is a perfect marriage/friend/parent/child!

Anyway Jeff said this, which I rather like: “The church is not a pristine, gleaming trophy case, but a field hospital loaded with people in the renewal process: and bloody and messy it often is too. There are no perfect leaders, no perfect church members. We’re all a bunch of flawed human beings, most of us doing our best, staggering around and often missing the target more than we hit the Bull’s-eye.”

I’m so glad we’re a true field hospital – the glass front of a trophy case would only get smashed with us! But how wonderful we have, in Glyn and Emma, humble leaders who freely confess their flaws, give themselves to us 101 per cent, getting very bloody and messy in the process, but submitting themselves to the Surgeon-in-Chief day by day.

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