Stormy Weather

Published November 5, 2012 by SusieM in Uncategorized

After a stormy night of rain lashing against the house, and the wind whistling and moaning through the window, I properly awoke yesterday to a very dark and noisy morning, so grateful for a safe and secure home. With a grandson out at Cornell University, which is upstate New York, I was also grateful that they avoided the worst of Hurricane Sandy last week!

I wonder if some of you are like me and get a special sort of contentment from the security of being snuggled in a cosy sleeping bag whilst listening to the almost comforting sound of rain on the tent or caravan roof; or even sitting in a stationary car with a storm raging outside, and feeling lulled by its womb-like safety, and reluctant to leave?

This all makes me recall the story of the adult class asked to draw a picture of what ‘Peace’ meant to them. One submitted a drawing of a lovely meadow full of sunshine, poppies and buzzing insects, another of a tranquil tree-fringed lake, and yet another of a man fishing in a trout stream. One picture was quite different – a tree in great movement, with its branches storm whipped and tossed in every direction. But tucked safely in the middle, was a small bird sitting calmly within its nest, oblivious of the chaos and tumult all around; not the absence of danger or strife, but security within it. Isn’t this the sort of peace God gives us as we look to Him in trust in the middle of wild and difficult circumstances?

I remember Jen Larcombe many years ago talking about how in the middle of some sort of adversity would come this wonderful peace-joy from God, and the connection between peace and joy. Michael and Gillie Warren used to say,

“Joy is peace dancing

Peace is joy resting.”

Whatever stormy weather is going on around or within you today, may the blessing of God’s peace-joy be yours.

2 Responses to “Stormy Weather”

  1. iedidah
    November 7, 2012

    Rise and shine OTCC, What’s the first thing many of us do in the morning? Check our emails and facebook messages; yet how often do we respond to the latest Blog message – in effect God’s email/facebook messages to us. How about making a commitment to respond to at least one message a month. Keep faith with this ministry, Susie.

  2. iedidah
    November 6, 2012

    Such a long time since you last blogged – I’ve missed the blessings of your comments. This morning I was walking through the fields with the rain pouring down, yesterday it was to the Sun dancing through wreaths of mist; tomorrow….? 1 Kings 19:11: Then (Elijah)was told, ‘Go out and stand on the mountain before God’. For at that moment God was going by. Pray that we can all lie in the Eye of the Storm safe from the encircling winds.