Lush and Lavish

Published May 21, 2013 by SusieM in Uncategorized

Looking out of my window when spending my early morning time with the Lord the other day, I was struck by the lush, almost opulent, ostentatious profusion of the trees and vegetation – it was all so extravagantly green – almost lurid and over the top.

I thought what a picture it was of God’s grace, so dazzling, riotous and outrageous;  almost profligate, beyond propriety – it offends our sense of “rightness” if we dare voice it!  And I thought of Mark Altrogge’s song “How Great is Your Love” and the memorable phrase  How lavish Your grace”.  And then I thought I heard Him say “I am merciful, and I see in you a being made to know Me in love.”  “……….How high and how wide, How deep and how long, How sweet and how strong is Your love”

How wonderful that He doesn’t measure me by what I’ve done or achieved, but in how well I know Him. And that no one else can know Him in exactly the same way as I can, because I’m uniquely me!  And similarly, no one can know Him in the way you can either.

I just want to know Him more and more.

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