Christmas Resolutions

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Following Sunday’s service, where there was talk of reflection and of making New Year resolutions, I have drawn up some Christmas resolutions (based on some thoughts of Joe Dallas). I thought you might like to see them, and then maybe make some of your own?

1. Before all the hullabaloo starts, I will continue to set aside daily time for focused prayer and genuine reflection. And I’ll consider it a farce to do anything less on Christmas Day itself, when I’ll seriously consider where my life would be were it not for the amazing birth of Jesus, and His mercy in coming to earth to save me from myself – and for his incredible provision!

2. I won’t insult Him with just the proscribed 20 second blessing before digging into the turkey – and more – because He’ll have been thoroughly and individually thanked by me beforehand, and it won’t just be for the food!

3. I will be able to say, by the end of Christmas Day, that I have put concerted effort into mentally recognizing, then verbally expressing God’s indescribable goodness to anyone who’ll listen.

4. I’ll look for opportunities throughout the day to communicate to my fellow celebrators and partiers, both Christian and non, my experience of God’s grace, without sounding pompous or unnatural.

5. I’ll also look for opportunities to laugh, enjoy my spectacular family, feast, laugh, then feast and laugh some more. If it’s not fun, it’s not Christmas!

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