Traffic Calming

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I read a meditation this morning, which ended,  “We all need to exercise a discipline of clearing our heads of all the tasks that crowd our brains. Is it any wonder that we can find no time with God when the traffic in our heads is busier than the most crowded motorway?”

For some of us I suppose, we would do well to prioritise our agendas more efficiently, discern the best over the good or just ok. I am increasingly aware of how many little “just ok” jobs, I do when I could be spending my time far more fruitfully, and in a way that brings much more satisfaction. And with so many technological mechanisms in our homes, workplaces and lives demanding our immediate attention, it’s increasingly difficult to stand back and be objective, and not be sucked into addictive time wasting, isn’t it?

We need traffic calming measures – for me, walking on the beach a minute away is one such. What place in your home or nearby helps you find your equilibrium, find peace, find Jesus, find yourself?

I’ll end with a few lines from a poem written by a Reformed Jew, Linda Gilmore

Let not the worldliness of the times

diminish nature’s simple joys.

Let us pause in our hurried lives

to contemplate Your infinite wonders,

and to know ourselves.”

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