The Weak and Foolish Things

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1 Corinthians 1:27

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

My brain is in a pretty frequent state of mutiny nowadays, on permanent “go slow” according to my GP, and I no longer trust myself to be reliable, or to communicate well in many everyday situations! I very much feel, like one of the “weak and foolish things”, but having reached out for 40 years or so to many of our community’s sexually and mentally broken and weak and foolish things, seeking to teach them to dare to completely lean on and trust in God and His strength, I am now personally going down a similar path of adventure myself. It ranges from the exciting to downright scary!

I really identify with this piece by Kate Compston:

O God, who am I now?

Once, I was secure in familiar territory.

in my sense of belonging…….

But now I do not know where you are leading.

I am empty, unsure, uncomfortable…..

Journeying God,

pitch your tent with mine

so that I may not become deterred

by hardship, strangeness, doubt.

Show me the movement I must take

toward a wealth not dependent on possessions

toward a wisdom not based on books

toward a strength not bolstered by might

toward a God not confined to heaven

but scandalously earthed, poor, unrecognised…..

Help me to find myself

as I walk in others’ shoes.


2 Cor.12:9 “My power shows up best in weak people

God’s power is most obvious not in the military might of a king or country’s leader, or the pomposity of a religious leader, or a famed and feted tycoon and multi millionaire, but in the humility and weakness of average people. It is in the lives of the broken and downtrodden that His grace is most clearly visible. Sometimes, it has seemed that our OTCC motto could have been:

Take a good look, friends, at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of “the brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high-society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”?

This week Jo and I have been with gospel singer Marilyn Baker, blind from birth, and Tracy Williamson, who as well as being partially-sighted is nearly totally deaf (and yet hears Jesus’ voice so very clearly!), who so obviously demonstrate this kingdom principle. What a privilege to see Father God using them to bring transformation, hope and healing into the lives of some very diverse, broken and hurting people from all over the country. How inspiring.

So if you’re feeling particularly weak and foolish today, take heart – placed in God’s hands, you’ll be displaying His grace and power!

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