What do we believe?

We believe that Jesus is God’s Son who came to earth to reveal God to us and make a way back to God possible. His death and resurrection make it possible for us to be forgiven by God and make a fresh start in our lives, relying on His power. We accept the Bible as God’s word to us, telling us about Him and showing us how to live. We believe we can be certain about our destiny, because everyone who trusts in Jesus will go to heaven.

Old Town Community Church is committed to working in partnership with other churches in Old Town, and is part of Churches Together in Old Town (http://www.oldtownchurches.co.uk). We want to be seen as a part of God’s wider church in Eastbourne and not promote our own identity.

Old Town Community Church is a member of the national Evangelical Alliance.

We have been established since 1994. This document was the vision we wrote down when we were founded.

Ministries Financially Supported By OTCC 2013 – 2014